Summer Book Discount: Entrepreneurial Linguist

We hope everyone is having a great summer! We've been spending time together in Vienna. We are working hard, but the year's hottest days sure are a distraction. We are tempted to head to the pool with a good book, but we have resisted (at least this week). Speaking of books -- we just received a 20% discount code on our book, The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation and we wanted to pass it along to our wonderful readers. The book has been very-well received by readers and reviewers around the world and has sold some 1,500 copies since it was published last year.

There's no catch and you don't need to sign up for anything. Simply enter code BIG305 when you are ready to check-out. This code is only available on and not valid on Amazon. To purchase, please click here.


Carbone Traduzioni on July 14, 2011 at 6:15 AM said...

Too late for me :( I bought it last month. Unfortunately I had no time to read it yet. I am still finishing Corinne Mckay's second edition. I hope to start it next week. I am very curious about it!

Ramona Rosbif on July 17, 2011 at 2:35 AM said...

Hey, is one of you the Dagmar I met through the "Megaupload issue"? (This is Pepa Devesa). Your blog caught my attention, I like it.

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on July 20, 2011 at 8:54 AM said...

@Carbone Traduzioni: sorry to hear you missed the discount. Corinne's book is fantastic, I am sure you will like it a lot. Hope you enjoy ours, too. :)

Marina said...

I was hoping it'd be available on Kindle, but it looks like it's not. Too bad, I'd buy it without the discount even. :)

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on August 1, 2011 at 9:30 AM said...

@Marina: unfortunately, we haven't converted the book to an e-book format yet. It would require some additional work on behalf of our editor, so we are not sure we will do it anytime soon. We do love the traditional book format. :) Thanks for buying and take advantage of the discount!

Carbone Traduzioni on August 5, 2011 at 8:12 AM said...

Just finished reading your book too! Excellent! I really enjoyed it. So many things to learn. Although I live in Italy and, for some aspects, things are a bit different here, your suggestions and your experience are a very good example to follow!

Liselot Puiman said...

I've only just found out about your blog; I guess I'm too late for this discount?? I can't seem to find your book on, only amazon.
I'm new in the translation-business and I want to take a head-start by reading your book. Thank you for this wonderful blog by the way.

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on January 10, 2012 at 10:53 AM said...

@Liselot: thanks for reading and thanks for your interest in our book! The summer discount is no longer available, but there will be others. :) The book is available on both Lulu and Amazon and costs the same. If you could support the publisher and purchase it on Lulu, that would be fantastic. Here is the link: If you have any questions, just shoot us an e-mail. Enjoy the book!

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