Webinar on Web 2.0 for Translators (German)

On June 4 and June 11, Dagy will present two one-hour webinars (in German) that are all about social media for translators. She will show you how to use social media to promote your services, get a solid online footprint, and attract more clients. This webinar is organized by the German association BDUE and should be a lot of fun! Dagy has a lot of experience addressing these topics, and she will help you overcome any technology-related fears that you might have. Have you wondered if blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are for you and how you can get the most out of these tools? Dagy will tell you how, and here's more good news: you don't need to have any programming or advanced IT skills at all. If you can send an e-mail with an attachment or download your digital pictures from your camera, then you are ready to use social media to promote your business! Of course, the very best part of marketing via social media is that the vast majority of it is completely free (other than the cost of your time). 

Please remember that these two webinars (one hour of introductory information on June 4 and one hour of advanced techniques on June 11) will be presented entirely in German. This blog post is in English because, well, our entire blog is in English.

There are still some slots left, so sign up here


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