We Heart Our Direct Clients

It's time for an ode to our wonderful clients, which have been made up by 100% direct clients for six years minus a first-time agency experience last week. Here is why we like and enjoy working with you so much:

  • You really value our services as professionals
  • You pay us our regular rate and know that you shouldn't haggle as if you were at a Turkish spice market or Mexican tianguis
  • You don't send out mass e-mails looking for the cheapest translation rate
  • You understand the source text, as it's about your business, and you are happy to give us a quick overview of the project's background
  • You are responsive, easy to reach, and happy to hear from us when we call for clarification
  • You value your time and ours, and understand that quick turnaround comes at a premium
  • You are prompt at paying invoices
  • In the rare case of a dispute, you are fair and straightforward
  • You send us adorable thank-you notes
  • You know that we are providing a service you really need, and treat us accordingly
  • You are delighted to see that we have handed in a project ahead of time
  • You recommend us to your friends and business associates
  • You give us happy-customer quotes, references, and let us list your companies on our advertising materials
You get the idea: you are fantastic. We are truly lucky and happy to have long-time business relationships with many top companies in travel and tourism, marketing, management training, government services, iron and steel, IT, software, hardware, logistics, emerging technologies, etc. Without you, our company would not exist. So here's a heartfelt thank you to all our clients on both sides of the Atlantic who know we will go the extra mile for them. We are already thinking about good holiday presents for all of you...you know who you are, dear clients!


Abigail on November 18, 2008 at 5:55 PM said...

Amen! I love my direct clients.

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