How Many Linguists Does It Take..... organize an entire one-day conference? Apparently, if you are highly organized and ambitious, it only takes a grand total of two. Those of you who, just like us, serve on boards of directors of your local, state, or national associations are probably cringing at the thought of organizing an entire conference with just two people,. There is more: two Dutch linguists organized an entire conference without the help of an association, as their national assiociation is not very active. Impressive, right?

Judy met Annie Tadema and Astrid van der Weert at the 50th Annual American Translators Association conference in New York City, where they presented her with a very clever gift that we blogged about here. Right from the start, Judy knew that Astrid and Annie, who run their translation business out of Utrecht, were quite creative and driven. Now they have organized a conference for June 4 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Judy is absolutely delighted to have been invited as the keynote speaker. The event will take place at the gorgeous Central Museum in Utrecht (see pictures), and the program, which includes well-known Dutch linguist Cora Bastiaansen, looks fantastic. Unfortunately, we don't speak any Dutch, but could get the gist of the conference announcement through our German. And we hate to say it: Google Translate does come in handy for these things. You can view the conference announcement here. We are both going to the event, and are very much looking forward to it.


Paula said...

I'm just catching up on reading your posts and this event in Utrecht sounds quite interesting. Could you post more specific information about it? I couldn't find anything further on the links in this post.

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