Two Entrepreneurial Lawyers/Linguists

A few days ago, we received an e-mail that two of the best legal translators (French<->English) had decided to go into business together. TransConnect Translations focuses, not surprisingly, on legal translations. We think their tag line is great: Translation for Lawyers by Lawyers. Congratulations, Marianne Reiner and Cindy Hazelton! We think theirs is an excellent, highly entrpreneurial idea: they have a native speaker in each language, can edit each other's work, and are both lawyers in addition to being linguists. We wish them much success in their partnership. We really like their very clean and easy-to-navigate website. Sounds like they really don't need to read our book, as they have plenty of entrepreneurial ideas themselves, but we'd like to thank them very much for buying it.


Tim Windhof on January 15, 2013 at 7:51 AM said...

It is definitely a great tag line!
When I worked as a lawyer for a big American law firm in Munich, the biggest concern regarding commissioning an outside translator was always the issue of confidentiality.

In Germany lawyers are, like physicians, obligated by law to confidentiality (Berufsgeheimnisträger) and thus enjoy/bear certain privileges /obligations that do not per se apply to translators.

The tag line should thus be very helpful to their business (besides the obvious fact that they are subject matter experts for legal translations).

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