Job Posting: Senior Project Manager in Vienna, Austria

A few days ago, we received the following job posting through a dear friend and colleague, who highly recommends this agency, ASI (he works for them as a contractor). Note: we do not know this employer personally, but have heard that they are a reputable business. As usual, job postings on this blog, which we do for free as a courtesy to the potential employer, are not endorsements in any way, shape or form. This job is in Vienna, Austria. The unedited job description is below. Please contact the employer directly if you are interested in this position. By law, Austrian employers have to disclose the salary range, so it's listed on this job description. We have to be honest: we are a bit floored by the low minimum salary, especially for a company that lists large multinational corporations as its clients, but it is just the minimum salary that they have to disclose.  Hopefully qualified applicants would receive a more appropriate and professional salary. 

By the way: Vienna is a gorgeous place to live!

Job opening:

Senior Project Manager

ASI, one of Austria’s leading language service providers, supplying large multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs, PR agencies and major law firms with cutting-edge language services, is currently looking to enhance its team of project managers.

This job would be an excellent fit for outgoing and ambitious persons who thrive on challenges and embrace a stimulating, fast-paced team atmosphere.

Projects matter to us personally, as does the success we generate from them.

The ideal candidate possesses the following qualifications/skills

  • Language degree, either in translation studies and/or linguistics/philology
  • Fluency in German and English
  • Ability to assess translations and other language material, both from a linguistics and translation studies perspective
  • Ability to provide linguistic counselling to clients
  • Profound knowledge of project/process management
  • Experience in compiling complex glossaries/terminology management
  • Sound notions of knowledge management
  • Specialist knowledge of, and expertise in, Trados/Trados Suite, MultiTerm
  • Affinity towards all things IT
  • Highly developed negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Experience as a project manager in the language industry, ideally at a translation agency
  • Ability to work both independently and within a team setting
  • Service-mindedness, meticulousness and hands-on mentality
  • Ability to prioritise and meet – often tight and conflicting – deadlines
  • A keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to ensure top-notch quality

Further skills/qualifications (optional)

  • Additional languages at near-native level, preferably a Romance and/or Slavic language
  • Knowledge of further CAT tools and DTP programmes (InDesign, FrameMaker, etc.)
  • Experience in localisation


  • Managing translation and other language projects in a targeted and profit-orientated manner
  • Building on and enlarging service portfolio for assigned clients
  • Compiling glossaries and providing project-specific instructions to external language experts/translators as well as team members
  • Choosing and coordinating (teams of) linguists for each project
  • Negotiating rates on an as-needed basis
  • Acting as point person for all parties involved in a project (translators, editors, proofreaders, in-country client reviewers, type-setters, graphic designers, clients, etc.)

  • Supporting external services providers
  • Negotiating and meeting deadlines
  • Maintaining accurate records of all services rendered and the costs thereof
  • Ensuring accurate project controlling
  • Regular reporting to management

What we offer to you is

  • a competitive salary above the minimum (EUR 1,948.85) stipulated in the applicable collective agreement, depending on your qualifications, paid annual leave and fringe benefits
  • a clearly structured, unerring pathway to success at one of the most successful and vibrant translation agencies in Austria
  • prominent clients entrusting us with exciting projects
  • a multicultural and multilingual atmosphere (German and English are just our main working languages – but by far not the only ones we use on a daily basis)
  • a goal-orientated working culture with a strong focus on the essentials
  • team-minded, welcoming colleagues who will help you thrive on your challenges and further your career

So, why wait and see? Give us a call or send your CV straight away and explore your opportunities at ASI. We have the answers to your questions.

David Faffelberger
Deputy Managing Director
Superior Service with a Smile
T: +43-1-714 33 76-22
F: +43-1-714 33 76-19
Sechskrügelgasse 2/17
1031 Wien


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