Jobs: Spanish court interpreter (federally certified) in Del Rio, TX

We know this pandemic has been very tough for many freelance linguists, especially those who focus exclusively on interpreting (we do both interpreting and translation and while both have suffered, it's nice to have two income streams). We've heard from several long-time freelance court interpreters that they are beginning to look for in-house positions, of which relatively few exist here in the United States. We've got some good news for those fellow court interpreters who are federally certified (Spanish): the US District Court in Del Rio, Texas, has four full-time staff positions (pay is up to $104,000)  that they are trying to fill, and we are delighted to share the job posting here

A quick note on how this posting reached us. Judy is a federally certified Spanish court interpreter and had received several emails from the very friendly staff at the Del Rio court to invite her to come interpret for a few days earlier this year. Unfortunately, the dates didn't work out and Judy wasn't available, but all the interactions we've had with the court have been lovely, so based on that limited interaction, we'd definitely recommend having a look at this job posting. As you might guess, Del Rio is located at the Texas-Mexico border. 

Please keep us posted if you apply and/or get one of these positions - we'd love to share the success story here. 
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