Link: Video From ATA Conference

While the ball was dropping last night in NYC, we received news from a fellow linguist, French->English audiovisual translator Alexander Totz, who tackled a time-consuming project: interviewing many translators and bloggers during the ATA conference in NYC at the end of October.

He's compiled a short video with brief interviews featuring Corinne McKay, Eve Bodeux, and one of us, Translation Times' Judy Jenner. These interviews were held at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square, just like last night's NYE festivities (but it was infinitely less crowded during the conference).

Watch the video on Alexander's blog here. Enjoy and thanks to Alexander for all the hard work -- it's quite a challenge to make appointments with folks during the busy conference. We admire his perseverance and dedication to compiling a bit of oral history of our profession.


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