Happy New Year/Guten Rutsch/Próspero Año Nuevo

As 2009 is less than 30 minutes away for my twin Dagy Jenner in Vienna, Austria, we wanted to check in and wish all our fellow linguists, friends, business partners and clients around the world a fantastic New Year. Thanks for your business, trust, friendship, feedback, great blogs, and awesome camaraderie on the WWW (Wild Wild West) that is the Internet.

2008 was a fantastic year for us, as I finally joined Dagy full-time in our translation business. It's been wonderful thus far, in spite of the worldwide economic troubles.

Happy 2009 from Judy Jenner in Vegas and Dagy Jenner in Vienna, who is about to welcome 2009 with open arms! We hope you do the same -- here's to a successful and profitable 2009!


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