The Interpreter's Launch Pad: Excellent Resource

A few months ago, we discovered a fantastic new resource for interpreters. It's a monthly newsletter cleverly titled "The Interpreter's Launch Pad." What do interpreters and astronauts have in common? Read the newsletter and you will find out.  Interprenaut, a smart female interpreter/astronaut (get it?), will be your friendly guide on this exciting journey.

This newsletter is jam-packed with jewels of witty writing, courtesy of the very talented Nataly Kelly, also known for being the chief research officer at the Common Sense Advisory. We've long lamented that there aren't enough newsletters and blogs dedicated specifically to interpreters -- well, the wait is over!

It's completely free to sign up at the The Interpreter's Launch Pad website (we love the graphics, by the way). There's no catch, and don't worry: you won't get any unsolicited e-mail. You will, however, get a free digital book just for signing up. It's Nataly's fantastic book "Telephone Interpreting: A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession." Enjoy the ride!


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