Upcoming Webinar: Pricing Strategies

Conference season is here and we are excited to attend workshops and events around the U.S. and Europe. However, professional development from the comfort of your own home is also fantastic, and Judy is looking forward to presenting a session on "Pricing for Translators" on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 4 p.m. British Summer Time (see the world clock to convert to your time zone). It is being  offered by eCPD Ltd, a very cool  new webinar company run by fellow translators Lucy Brooks and Sarah Dillon. To register for this event, please click here. The cost is £20.

 All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a headset to listen in. Questions from the audience will also be answered at the end of the session (time permitting).

Here is the abstract for this one-hour webinar.

Pricing: it’s a controversial and complex subject, one that’s almost become a taboo in our industry. However, it’s something that all linguists need to think about very seriously. After all, we love what we do, but we also want to make a good living at it. In order to achieve that, while not having to work around the clock, it’s essential to figure out how to price one’s services. In accordance with legal stipulations and regulations from associations around the world, the speaker will not be making specific price recommendations. However, the following will be discussed:
  • How much do you want to make?
  • Moral/ethical obligations?
  • Brief overview of supply, demand and price
  • The peanuts/monkeys phenomenon
  • Alternatives to very low prices for newcomers to the profession
  • The business case for no free translation tests
  • Surcharges (weekend, 24-hour turnaround, PDF, etc.)
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Adjustments for inflation
  • The professionalization of the industry – what does it mean for pricing?


Séverine said...

Hi Judy,
That sounds like a very interesting webinar, indeed. I would like to participate but would probably not make it "live" - do you know if there will be a full recording of the webinar available for registered participants?
I hope very much, so ;-)

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on October 4, 2011 at 2:57 PM said...

@Séverine: thanks for the comment! We are pretty sure that the recording will be available, but we think you have to sign up for it as a regular attendee. However, please do contact Lucy Brooks, as she's organizing the event and has all the answers. Her e-mail is webinar.organizer@btconnect.com. :)

Séverine said...

Thanks for the information, Judy.
I hope to "see" you there ;-)

María Eugenia Roca Rodríguez on October 19, 2011 at 7:29 PM said...

Hi Judy,

It was a great webinar, I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, I couldn't be online at the time of the webinar but I've just listened to it. I usually work with translation agencies and only have direct clients when it comes to certified legal translations but I'm interested in changing that a bit and have a better combination of direct clients and translation agencies. Hard work, though! :)

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