Spanish-Language Interview: Radio

First time doing live radio with co-host Lorena Pike.
A few days ago, Judy was asked to give a one-hour radio interview for a local Spanish-language radio station in Las Vegas: KRLV 1340 AM. It was a huge pleasure to share a bit of information about our profession with the Hispanic community in Las Vegas. The program is called "Cultura Comunitaria" and airs on Fridays at 5 p.m. Co-host Lorena Pike is a fellow translator and court-certified interpreter. We also discussed the recent significant reduction in pay for certified court interpreters in Nevada. More about that in a future blog post. We hope that you enjoy the recording, even though Judy clearly doesn't have a trained radio voice (and live radio is a bit scary!)-- but can you tell that Lorena does? Click here to listen.


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