It's Official!

After four years and more than 3,000 books sold, we are proud to announce that we have finally tackled a big project. Yes, we are currently working on the new edition (second edition, actually) of The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation. This edition will include several completely revised chapters as well as a chapter specifically for interpreters as well. The book will be available on Lulu, Amazon, etc. in print and PDF format and of course in all e-book formats through BookBaby.

While we don't have a hard deadline for this, we would love to be able to introduce our new book at the 55th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association in Chicago in November, as we will both be there. We are currently reviewing all existing content, creating new chapter(s), and putting thought into the cover design and illustrations. 

Since we are currently working on the new edition, we'd love to hear from our colleagues. Is there anything you'd like to see included? Please do let us know by leaving a comment and we will be delighted to review all suggestions and input.

Thanks for your support of our first edition, and we look forward to sharing our second edition with all of you! We will keep you posted about our progress right here on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I am reading your first book right now and think it would be great to translate it into Russian, since not all Russian linguists read fluently in English, but have a good command of other foreign languages and would be happy to get some advice. Have you ever thought of translating your book?

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on July 29, 2014 at 9:26 AM said...

@milingva: Mil gracias. We haven't really tackled the subject of translating the book, although many colleagues have approached us about translating it into different languages for us. We are focusing on the second edition for now, but if we ever get to the translation phase, we will definitely blog about it here and reach out to lovely collaegues like you. It's a great idea; thanks so much for bringing it up. Russian would be a good language for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy and Dagmar, many thanks for your prompt and amiable reply. Hope you enjoy writing the second edition, and I am looking forward to reading it.

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