Jobs: Spanish court interpreter (federally certified) in Laredo and Brownsville, TX

We recently received a notification from the Southern District of Texas that two US District Courts have vacancies for federally certified Spanish interpreters, which we are happy to share here. These sound like great opportunities for federally certified Spanish interpreters who might want to make the switch from freelance to full-time in-house employment. As much as we love running our own business, we can certainly see how attractive it would be to work in-house, especially during these unprecedented times. We have not yet been to the US District Court in either Laredo or Brownsville, but the folks who sent us this announcement seem very nice! We might also be a bit biased, as we spent some time in Texas as kids and have many fond memories.

Please refer to the link for any additional information, as this is all we have on our end. Here's the link again. Please keep us posted if you apply for one of the positions and/or get hired -- it would be fantastic if one of our readers landed the job. Feel free to share with your network. Best of luck!


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