10,000 Words for Tomorrow

Thanks to our colleague Jill Timbers, whom I met a few weeks ago at CHICATA, for sending this hilarious video of a friend of hers. Here, multitalented fellow translator Sharon Neeman is performing a song that all translators can identify with. Enjoy! And remember that "I am sorry, I am not available" is a perfectly acceptable answer if a deadline doesn't work for you.


Litterate T&L on May 27, 2009 at 10:46 AM said...

I loved it!

I saw it somewhere last week (can't remember where), but I had to watch it again, it's so good!

Thanks for posting it.

Kevin Lossner on May 27, 2009 at 2:23 PM said...

Henry D at ProZ posted that link some time ago in the newsletter; I laughed myself sick at the time. It's a very familiar tale too... our most recent bit of fun was 13,000 words between midnight Sunday and Monday afternoon. We made it. Barely. With sleep even. Just don't ask for a repeat performance any time soon.

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on May 27, 2009 at 5:17 PM said...

@Litterate: Glad you enjoyed it, it's pretty hilarious, isn't it? There we have it again: linguists have many talents.

@Kevin: We are still laughing, hehe, can't believe we hadn't come across this one before. 13,000 words between Sunday and Monday, and you slept? Our hat are off to you, wow.

Guillermo Matías Gumucio said...

Nice lyrics for this epic one, but...

"multitalented" = anything but singing and guitar playing.

I mean, if you don't know how to sing and play —which is also my case, I must add—, make it more funny and enjoyable at least. The way it was done it looks more a like a funeral tune.

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