Professional Development in Guadalajara, Mexico

The Mexican Translators' Association, the Organización Mexicana de Traductores, recently announced its thirteenth annual conference to be held in gorgeous Guadalajara, Mexico, on November 28 and 29. While their is a strong focus on the Spanish language (in the English combination as well as with other languages), all other combinations are welcome. The conference will feature a solid lineup of speakers and professional development opportunities and will focus on bilingualism, Spanglish, cultural identity and linguistics, as well as translation and interpretation in specific fields, among many others.

The conference will be held as part of the prestigious International Guadalajara Book Fair (Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara), which is the world's second-largest international book fair and the most important Spanish-language book fair in the world.

While this conference will be during Thanksgiving weekend, it's a great opportunity to visit gorgeous Guadalajara with its old-school Mexican charm and balmy weather. Why not have turkey with the family and hop on a plane on Friday evening instead of shoveling snow all weekend? For more information, please visit the organization's website (Spanish only).


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