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A few weeks ago, Judy was lucky enough to be among the 17 recipients who were selected as "Women to Watch 2010" by local business newspaper In Business Las Vegas. It was a great honor and a very nice awards ceremony. After the event, a few very entrepreneurial things happened.
  • Right after the article ran, Judy's phone started ringing. While a few other publications also included notes about the awards, the callers were mostly -- get this -- companies that specialize in framing newspaper articles. In a very entrepreneurial way, they receive hundreds of publications every week, and look through them to see who has been profiled, interviewed, or received an award. Then they call those people, congratulate them, and tell them they've already created a special plaque and that one just has to say the word! Needless to say, this is pushing a bit too hard, but the thought is brilliant. It's analogous to what linguists should be doing, time permitting. Read relevant publications, learn what's new in the industry, and identify possible new clients. However, don't cold call but find a way to get introduced by a mutual connection.
  • A few weeks after the award ceremony, congratulatory notes started coming in the mail. These were from friends and family, but also from the 16 fellow honorees, mostly executives in the areas of gaming, law, health care, etc. What a great idea! These accomplished women are going out of their way to congratulate other honorees and to build on the newly created common bond. It's a fantastic idea, one that we wish we'd thought of as well.
Bottom line: entrepreneurial ideas are everywhere, and we can always pick up a suggestion or two and apply it to our own practices. With that, Judy is off to write some congratulatory note sto her co-honorees....


Emma said...

Congratulations Judy! Keep up the good work :-)

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