Health Care Interpretation Certification: Pilot

Health care interpretation has traditionally been one of the interpretation fields with the least amount of standards -- to the dismay of both health care professionals and interpreters. After many years with no national certification in the field, 2010 brings us not one, but two nationwide certifications. While we certainly think it would be better to have only one certification -- it would present a more unified front and be less confusing for the public -- in general, certification is good. Judy hasn't yet decided which organization she will support, but for now, we wanted to let readers know about the discounted pilot certification being offered by the Certification Commission  for Healthcare Interpreters. The other certifying body is the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters.  Both organizations have done a tremendous amount of work, supported mostly by hard working professionals who have volunteered their time to make certification a reality. 


Anonymous said...

A really good new!
Very interesting blog, I will continue reading it... I'm very into languages and cultures.
Greetings from an argentine teenager who wants to become a translator in the future.

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