Nigerian Scam Database

Ted Wozniak, our friend and colleague who runs the fantastic Payment Practices list (essential for every freelancer, and at $20/a year, it's a bargain) has graciously put together a free database where freelance translators and interpreters can report so-called Nigerian check scams.

The following information comes from Ted:
"Nigerian check" and similar scams have long been a problem for the unwary.
In recent years, the scam has evolved to target interpreters and translators

To help prevent freelancers from falling prey to these scams, Payment
Practices has established a public database where you can report names and
other contact data when you receive an offer you believe to be a scam
targeted specifically at translators or interpreters. (Please report only suspected scams specifically targeting translators or interpreters -
reporting every suspicious email your receive would quickly overwhelm the

This database is open to the public and is NOT restricted to subscribers of
Payment Practices. You can access the database here. 


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