Friday Job: Swiss German/English (Contract/Switzerland)

OK, that's Austria, but close enough.
Happy Friday, dear readers! A few days ago, our friend and colleague Otto Zellmann in South Carolina sent us the following job posting to share with all of you. Please see below for details. We are not involved in this job search, but we are merely passing this information along for those who might be interested.

Role: Translator/Writer 
Location: Mezzovico, Switzerland
Duration: 6 month contract

As an experienced Translator / Writer 
- preferably in the Medical Device Industry that will be responsible for:

- Verbal and Written Translation (English / German) - PLEASE NOTE THIS NEEDS TO BE SWISS-GERMAN.
- Assist team with document translations and/or translations during interviewing/discussions with Engineers and Management located at Clients sites in Germany 
and Switzerland.

Fluent in Speaking and Writing in both English and German.

- Demonstrated ability to produce accurate, timely and succinct reports and summaries. 
- Be able to manage effectively multiple priorities and tasks.
- Proficiency with a variety of computer software applications in word processing,
spreadsheets, database and presentation (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
- Work independently and in a team environment. 

- Minimum 5 years of experience with working with multi-lingual English / German teams in translations - both written and verbal.
- Previous experience with working in medical device field / environment preferred.

Keisha Finch| MAETRICS LLC  Corporate Recruiter | | 


Anonymous said...

How can i apply?

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on October 12, 2013 at 8:59 AM said...

@Anonymous: Yoy may apply by sending an e-mail to the hiring manager, whose e-mail address is included in the blog post (at the very end). However, we posted this some time ago, so we don't know if it's still active, but there's only one way to find out!

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