Free Webinar: Conflict and Resolution

Arguing penguins. Photo by Judy.
Once again, Judy is delighted to present a free webinar for software giant SDL/Trados. Her previous webinar, titled "5 habits of highly successful translators: Customer service" attracted more than 500 colleagues and friends from around the world, and you may still listen to it (also free, no strings attached).

Judy's next webinar for SDL/Trados will be on a topic that's very familiar to anyone who runs a business and anyone who has clients: conflict. Conflict is part of a normal business life, and learning how to deal with it might just be one of the greatest skills one can have. We don't know about you, but we very certainly occasionally have challenging situations and yes, even some unreasonable customers, so we've learned a thing or two along the way.

Join Judy for this 60-minute webinar titled "Conflict and resolution for freelance translators: Tricky situations and unreasonable customers" on July 25. It is at 9 am Pacific Time, which is 5 pm. European summer time (London). Click here for more information and to register. We hope to "see you" there! Judy will also reserve about 10-15 for questions, and a moderator will kindly help her sort through the questions as they come in. 


Cynthia Johnson on July 3, 2013 at 11:29 AM said...

Thanks for the tip--I've just registered and am looking forward to it--I especially find it challenging to resolve conflicts with different cultures (I live in my source lang country)..

Anonymous said...

Already in! Congrats Judy! You are a non-stop Entrepreneur! I love it! I am looking forward to hearing you on this hard topic. Heaps of luck in Brazil!!!

Anonymous said...

Already registered and waiting! Loved the last one, Judy you have such a knack for interesting webinars!

Anonymous said...

Registered and waiting! Loved the last one - Judy has a knack for interesting webinars!

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on July 8, 2013 at 8:10 PM said...

@Dolores: You are so sweet. Mil gracias. :) Te queremos un chorro.

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on July 8, 2013 at 8:26 PM said...

@Jade: Thanks, Jade, how lovely! It's sometimes hard to keep up one's energy as it feels as if you are talking into a vacuum, but it's great to know that so many people are there. Looking forward to this webinar. Should be fun!

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