Collections: The Silver Lining

Just in time for Easter, we'd like to share a very uplifting anecdote. One of our colleagues, Jeff Whittaker from Tampa, Florida, whom we have not even met, saw our posting on our collection issue with a company in the same city a few days ago. He actually e-mailed us with the following offer.

  • He would gladly deliver our invoice to the non-paying customer's office!
  • Since we only have a PO Box for an address, Jeff researched the Florida ficticious business register and came up with a physical address
  • This address appears to be residential -- he ran it through Mapquest
  • Still, Jeff is actually volunteering to head the agency's way!
  • I must say that we are completely overwhelmed by this fantastic outpour of collegial behavior. It doesn't happen very often; but we are quite speechless.
We wish Jeff had found us a few days ago, as we already sent the non-paying customer to collections throug Dun& Bradstreet, who come recommended by the ATA. If the collection agency does collect the money, we will have to pay 30%. We'd rather have sent Jeff a fruit basket (or movie tickets) instead. We are very impressed by our colleague's generous offer. He lives in Tampa as well, and has done a great job at making sure we know that fabulous people share the city with perhaps questionable companies (just like in every city).

Thanks again, Jeff. You get the Twin Translations medal of collegiality. Jeff Whittaker is a legal translator in Tampa, Florida, and works from German, Spanish and Portuguese into English.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy and Dagmar for your kind words. It is heartbreaking to see what some dishonest people have done to our profession and I believe that the sooner they realize that we are not all so distant and isolated, that they cannot simply run away and hide and that we will take action to collect what we have earned, the sooner they will move on to their next "get-rich-quick scheme".

Jeff Whittaker

Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner on April 14, 2009 at 9:20 AM said...

Of course, Jeff, you deserve them! And we completely agree: it is very sad to see that we share the same profession with some of these folks, but there are many, many more fantastic linguists than dishonest companies, which makes us feel good. If we present a united front and help each other (just like you were doing for us), unethical companies won't be able to take advantage anymore, because they will see that we are working together -- the global network of colleague! We are proud and happy to be a part of it.

Susan Johnston Taylor on April 17, 2009 at 7:34 AM said...

Wow, that was nice of Jeff! Hope you're able to collect the funds you're owed.

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