Great Professional Development Workshop in Germany

Our friend and ATA colleague Karin Bauchrowitz recently told us about a fantastic 2-week workshop in Erlangen, Germany. She's been attending for many years, and the workshop is an excellent combination of learning and sightseeing - it's quite unique in the world of professional developement opportunities for translators and interpreters.

Here are a few details and contact information:

8th Biennial Study Workshop for German/English Translators and Interpreters in Erlangen, Germany
September 27 – October 10, 2009

The very popular and well-received 2-week Study Workshop for German-English translators and interpreters will be held again at the Institut für Fremdsprachen und Auslandskunde in Erlangen, Germany in 2009.

This year’s presentations will address the current financial crisis, renewable energy, law enforcement, diet and health and contemporary German literature, among other things.

Site visits will include a trip to Eurocopter – the market leader in civil helicopters-- in Donauwörth, a presentation on shipping and logistics in the Nürnberg harbor, IMO a leading manufacturer of wind farm equipment, the Erlangen district heating facility (Fernwärme) and by popular demand, a repeat visit to the Schwan-Stabilo pencil factory.

We will also visit the Martin Bauer tea factory, complete with a visit to the company’s herb garden and the opportunity to try a wide variety of unusual teas. No visit to Erlangen is complete without at least one visit to a Siemens Division. This year we will visit Siemens Mobility, where the focus will be on logistics and automation, topics that some of us are called upon to translate and interpret on a regular basis.

Also included is a tour of an “Aromagarten,” the open-air museum in Windsheim, the Roman ruins in Weißenburg, a boat tour of the Nürnberg harbor. Other activities include a social get-together with the teaching staff and students of the Institut, joining our colleagues at the regional meeting of the BDÜ in Nürnberg, a visit to the Waldkrankenhaus, an optional (!!!) bicycle tour of the Erlangen environs, and a tour through the vineyards and wine tasting in Volkach.

Cost for the two-week workshop: $45 non-refundable registration fee, due immediately to reserve your place, and then €760 (or about $985 or so depending upon the rate of exchange) by June 1. Workshop fees cover 13 days of bed and breakfast at the Frankenhof, a hostel run by the city of Erlangen, all presentations, excursions, admission to all museums, etc., as well as the farewell party on the evening of Friday, October 9th.

The workshop fee does not include air fare or lunches and dinners, though occasionally some of the companies hosting factory visits have provided lunch.

Contact information:
Lois Feuerle
3036 SE Taylor Street
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236-5593 w/voicemail


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