Fluent in 11 Languages

All translators and interpreters are proud of their hard-earned foreign language skills, usually in one or two languages, but we've never heard of anyone who's fluent in 11 languages. Plus, this kid is only 20 years old. Granted, he doesn't translate or interpret from these languages, but we bet Alex Rawlings would be a fine addition to the community.

Alex's story is truly remarkable, and there's no question that he's extraordinarily talented. We listened to Alex's video in the four languages that we speak between the two of us, and  we were quite impressed. We can't judge the quality of the other languages, but we have a hunch they are just as good. We wish the BBC article delved into Alex's life a bit further, as we'd love to know more about him and learn more details about how exactly he has acquired so many languages in his young life.

You can watch the video on the BBC's website.


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