Jobs: Review and Translation Coordinator at Kiva

Please read on for a translation job opening in San Francisco, which we received from our friends at Kiva

Kiva is currently recruiting for a Review and Translation Coordinator to support our volunteer translation program. We are looking for a Native or near-native English speaker with fluency in French, Russian or Spanish. Knowledge of more than one Kiva language (French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) is a plus. The ideal candidate would have 2+ years of professional translation experience and/or a certificate or degree in translation. The full job description is below.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be qualified/interested. Applicants should email their cover letter and resume to with “Review and Translation Coordinator” in the subject line by Feb. 27, 2012.


Review and Translation Coordinator

Position: Review and Translation Coordinator
San Francisco, CA – SOMA
Job Type: Full time with salary plus benefits.

The Company
Called the "hottest non-profit on the planet" by FORTUNE magazine and a Top 50 Website by TIME, Kiva ( is the world's first person-to-person lending marketplace for the poor. In just 5 years, Kiva has raised $250 million from 600k lenders to 600k borrowers in 60 countries. Kiva combines the culture and approach of an internet start-up with an intense focus on alleviating global poverty. Kiva is poised to take its initial success to a whole new level - targeting $1 billion in loans by 2015 and expansion into new areas (e.g. student loans, climate change, etc.). Headquartered in San Francisco, Kiva's team has 100 smart, passionate, and fun employees and 500+ volunteers. 

The Job Description
The Review and Translation Coordinator helps manage the preparation of loan content for the Kiva website, working with a large team of skilled volunteers to deliver translated and verified loan profiles for funding by Kiva lenders. The Review and Translation Coordinator is responsible for directly managing the volunteer Team Leaders of several teams of translators; coordinating the screening, testing, and onboarding of new volunteers; supporting established procedures for volunteer recognition and community development; and handling various other tasks to support overall program effectiveness.

  • Loan review and Team Leader management
    • Monitor unreviewed loan volume and motivate teams to translate/review required volume
    • Manage review for new and special case Kiva Field Partners
    • Manage up to 10 Loan Review Team Leaders (corresponds to team of  250+ volunteers)
    • Support Team Leader responses to volunteer queries on loan policy, Kiva processes, translation techniques, terminology, and volunteer involvement
    • Lead initial Team Leader trainings, along with other Review & Translation Program staff
    • Manage format for quarterly conference calls and lead quarterly one-on-one calls with Team Leaders
    • Provide technical support for Kiva systems to Team Leaders
    • Participate in planning for volunteer and Team Leader coverage for the holiday season

  • Translator  recruitment, testing, and onboarding
    • Develop recruitment network that can be leveraged to increase flow of volunteers for specific language needs
    • Screen translator applications and manage recruitment and screening messages in Kiva systems
    • Manage language test evaluation process personally or with external test evaluators
    • Manage onboarding process for translation volunteers, including accepted, rejected, and wait listed applicants

  • Volunteer support,  linguistic standards, and community engagement
    • Develop volunteer resources and provide technical support for Kiva’s review and translation systems
o   Monitor industry practices in linguistic technology, crowdsourcing, and translation and advise on program scaling
    • Plan and coordinate volunteer recognition events, work parties, and trainings

Required Skills and Qualifications
  • Native or near-native English speaker with fluency in French, Russian, or Spanish
  • 2+ years professional translation experience and/or a certificate or degree in translation
  • Experience in project management, preferably in the translation or localization industry
  • Excellent people skills with friendly and motivational communication style
  • Adept with new technologies
  • Creative problem-solver who is interested in innovation and enjoys a high-growth environment
  • Knowledge of more than one Kiva language (Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese)
  • Established network within translation / localization industry
  • Experience managing volunteers or remote teams
Compensation & Benefits
·         Generous benefits, including health insurance and 401(k) plan with company match
·         Flexible work environment, but must live in Bay Area and work out of San Francisco office
  • Knowing that you're helping to change the world for the better
If interested
  • Email cover letter and resume to with “Review and Translation Coordinator” in the subject line by Feb. 27, 2012.
  • Please do not contact Kiva directly with any questions or follow-up inquiries. We regret that we can only respond to candidates whom we would like to interview.


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